Second Wind Sails is a small company located in Gloucester, MA, the oldest seaport in North America, that creates high quality, functional handbags made from recycled sails. We saw an opportunity in the marketplace to reinvent bags made from recycled sails and create added value for our customers. Our innovative techniques have enabled us to enhance the features of these bags and allow us to compete on quality, functionality, and design. Second Wind Sails represents the restored energy or strength each recycled sail obtains when it is granted its "second wind" in the marketplace as a high quality, functional artisan handbag. As avid outdoor enthusiasts, we are driven by not only our passion for sailing and the great outdoors, but also by honoring our responsibility to reduce waste in the environment by preventing these sails from being put (along with thousands of others) into landfills.

Our Philosophy:

Be Green and "Thread" Lightly by creating high quality, functional handbags that serve a purpose for everyone. Whether you are a world class sailing champion, a member of a coastal community, or someone who cares about doing something good for the environment, everyone can appreciate the history tied to each sail and the efforts being taken to reduce unnecessary waste.

Our Mission:

Recycle: Prevent old, used sails from being thrown away and added to the mass of landfills by forming partnerships with local, national, and international sail makers.

Reduce: Decrease the number of sails that are put into landfills each year and restore the recycled sails by handcrafting them into unique, functional sail accessories.

Reuse: Create a new use for the old sails by transforming them through our unique design into beautiful, durable, functional, and fashionable bags.